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SA Update Issue #26, November 6, 2001

This SA Update is sent to all people who use the M-Pathways Student Administration system and/or one of the Student Administration data sets as part of the Student Administration CPU communication effort.

This issue contains information about

  1. New in Wolverine Access
  2. Enhanced Address Functionality

1. New in Wolverine Access

Some exciting changes are being implemented in Wolverine Access Student Business the week of November 5, 2001. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • Streamlined Class Search and Registration - easier for students to use
  • New Pre-Registration Backpack Functionality - similar to a "shopping cart"
  • A New Look and Feel - updated maize and blue theme coordinates with the Human Resources side of Wolverine Access
  • Federal Student Loan Summary - added in August 2001, this allows students to view their amount borrowed to-date from federal student loan programs
  • Updated Online Help Topics in Wolverine Access - new and updated topics to support Pre-Registration Backpack and Registration.

Please see Related Links on the Student Records Web page entitled "New in Wolverine Access" on the M-Pathways Web site. It provides additional information about these changes including:

  • How the changes to Wolverine Access are being communicated to campus and students.
  • Other resources you can use to find out more about Pre-Registration Backpack and Registration, such as the "New in Wolverine Access" flyer; the hands-on "Pre-Registration Backpack and Registration Demo"; and navigation to the updated Wolverine Access Online Help Topics.

2. Enhanced Address Functionality

The following items are of primary interest to people who view and/or enter address data on the Addresses panel in M-Pathways. This information has also been included in the November 6, 2001, HRMS Update.

As of October 31, 2001, the functionality of the Addresses panel has changed in the following two ways:

  • When you insert a new effective-dated address row, the value in the Status field always defaults to Active. Previously, when you inserted a new address row, the value in the Status field from the previous row carried forward. For example, if the previous row was Inactive, the value in the Status field for the new row would also be Inactive, unless you changed it manually.
  • If you attempt to save an address and the Address 1 field is blank, an error message displays, and you are prevented from saving the panel until you enter data in the Address 1 field.

Address Format Reminders:

  • You are required to enter at least one address line. If you use only one address line, it should be the Address 1 entry line. If you need to use more than one address line, begin entering information in the Address 1 line.
  • Make sure you enter the delivery point (i. e. , street address) in the last line you use.
  • Apartment number should be included as part of the street address line.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the M-Pathways Help Desk at 734-936-7000 and select option 4, or send e-mail to mpathwayshelpdesk@umich. edu.